Centro Portugal Film Commission (CPFC) is a non-profit and autonomous organization, with regard to public and private entities, which aims to attract film and audiovisuals productions to the Central Region.

One of the most important aspect in a cinematic production, is to have the right decors that satisfy the needs and requirements of the producer/director. If we understand that behind each movie, each advertisement, each image, lies the place where the same was shot, we can easily understand how this aspect assumes special importance for this kind of industry.
The Central Region satisfies every need and requirement, not just because Portugal is a safe country, with pleasant climate and an excellent solar exposition, but also because the Central Region has good roads and rail network, of excellent logistic infrastructures and unique endogenous factors at the landscape, cultural, architectural, historical and tourist levels, in an abundant and diversified way that allows, in a medium long term, as a region of excellence in a world scale for cinematic and audiovisual productions.
The creation of the Centro Portugal Film Commission (CPFC), made up of a multidisciplinary team with expertise in the film, audiovisual and tourism industry, will, in the medium term, overcome the identified shortcomings, recover the national and regional backwardness already mentioned, contribute to economy of the region and meet among others for the following purposes:

  • Promoting and disseminating the Central Region;
  • Creating more favorable organizational conditions for film production;
  • To strive the capture of audiovisual productions;
  • Contributing to the renown of the “Centro de Portugal” brand;
  • Creating databases with the resources available in each county;
  • Supporting all incoming requests;

It’s a mistake to think that in order to attract a film or any audiovisual production, it’s enough to have a panoply of places of extreme natural, architectural or touristic beauty. In order to the Central Region be capable of winning the competition for international productions, it’s essential to join efforts, to lead the Central Region to higher levels and to state it as a “film friendly” region.


The mission of the Centro Portugal Film Commission (CPFC) is to create the right conditions to place the center region on global level as film friendly region, extending the portfolio of Portugal’s Central brand to the field of cinema through national and international funding of cinematographic and audiovisual projects, generating significant and relevant benefits for the various Municipalities of the Central Region.


The central region offers conditions of excellence, which justifies its international promotion as a film location.

With the promotion of all places of cultural, landscape, architectural and tourist interest among various agents working in the audiovisual production market, we will seek to obtain, for the entire region, economic, social and cultural benefits that meet the requirements of all the stakeholders involved. This will surely be one of CPFC’s main objectives.
In this regard, the following specific objectives should be taken into account:

  • Contributing to define a development policy for the cinema and audiovisual sector for the Central Region;
  • Establishing program-contracts with the Central Region’s autarchies;
  • Acting as an interlocutor between cinematographic production companies and all public and private entities of the Central Region;
  • Actively contribute to the Central Region’s development of technical know-how and sufficient critical mass to become a competitive region for cinema in the European and world context;
  • Creating synergies with film festivals from the region and support initiatives that favor innovation and the creative economy, focusing on cinema and the audiovisual;
  • To promote the Central Region at international level through specialized forums;
  • To create organizational means